The modern approach to Turnarounds that reduce costs by more than 10%

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The Industrial Metaverse is in the infancy of adoption, but already has the potential to drive step change improvements across process industries.

Dive into the Industrial Metaverse and learn how to make dramatic impacts on your bottom line.

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    Re-inventing Turnarounds in the Metaverse

    Turnaround is a planned event wherein the process unit(s) of an industrial plant is taken off-line for a scheduled period for maintenance and renewal. Turnaround is critical to ongoing operations and account for -50% of planned maintenance budget.


    Today’s turnarounds are large, complex, and expansive. They involve interactions with numerous processing, work management, and scheduling systems across operations, reliability, maintenance, engineering, project management, safety, supply chain, emergency response teams. The event consists of five phases: scoping, planning, procurement, onboarding, execution, and post-turnaround management. Documented costs of turnaround overruns have exceeded over $1MM per


    As the industrial Metaverse develops, operational digital twins are emerging as a tool to help facilities execute turnarounds more efficiently. Digital twins are 3-D visualizations of industrial plants, linked to piping and instrumentation diagrams, maintenance systems, process data, analytics software, and data visualization tools.

    Access the Whitepaper to learn more about a Metaverse-driven Turnaround and how 3D Digital Twin technology can save operator of complex facilities significant sums of money, time and energy, while substantially increasing overall productivity.


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    A Metaverse-driven Turnaround: What is it and how does it drive value?