Asset Modeler

Extract more value from your scan data with rapid,  precise 3D modeling

Laser scanning

Extract value from your laser scans by building rich, 3D models of facilities


Turn LIDAR tracking and measurement data into 3D models that drive business value

Mesh models

Unlock the value from your scan data, including E57 format, with rich 3D models.

Rapidly convert scan data into immersive 3D models

Transform your scanned data into richly detailed 3D models at unparalleled speed with Asset Modeler – faster and more accurately than other solutions. 


Asset Modeler allows you to build models of complex industrial facilities with speed, precision and confidence. 


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Asset Modeler

Unique modeling software for facilities across heavy industries

Our unique 3D modeling software can provide significant benefits for industrial asset management in various types of industrial settings, including Oil & Gas, Industrial Manufacturing, Nuclear & Chemical, Water treatment, and Power generation.


Monetize your scans and point cloud data by turning them into CAD models that enable digital transformations for facility owners & operators.

Rapid 3D modeling

Wide range of use cases

Rapidly create as-built 3D models across a wide range of use cases, providing essential and accurate information for industries like Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and more

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    Learn more about Visionaize Asset Modeler

    • Asset Modeler is an advanced software that creates precise 3D models from laser scanning and LIDAR data for a variety of industrial facilities.
    • Speed and precision are part of what sets Visionaize’s Asset Modeler apart from other options. The high degree of accuracy means that the models can be used for a wide range of use such plant revamps, space optimization, new equipment integration planning, safety analysis, routine maintenance, disaster recovery support, compliance with industry standards, and more.

    • The other benefit of using Visionaize Asset Modeler is its ability to quickly transform into a highly connected, operational 3D Digital Twin, that can serve as an engine to Digital Transformation work for the owners and operators of complex industrial facilities. While moving into 3D Digital Twin work requires a separate license, the models created with Visionaize Asset Modeler can be rapidly leveraged for sophisticated and interactive 3D Digital Twins.

    Standard annual license sells for $5,000 USD, but Visionaize is currently running a promotional offer for trial users who segue into the paid version, with a 30% discount,  making it $3,500 for the first year for trial users. 

    Multi-user seat licenses and volume discounts apply;  inquire with the Visionaize team for more details.

    • Asset Modeler can create models for any “process” industry – some examples include refineries, chemical plants, nuclear facilities, manufacturing plants, power generation facilities, and pharmaceutical facilities.