Visionaize is now a part of the Digital Twin Consortium



SAN JOSE, CA  — (July 6, 2022) — Visionaize, a global leader in the development and maintenance of 3D digital twins for highly complex industrial assets, is proud to announce that it has joined the Digital Twin Consortium (DTC), an organization that fuels collaboration with industry, academia and government experts with a dedication to the overall development of digital twins.


As our mission is focused on helping inspection, maintenance, and operations teams get more productivity out of their asset-intensive businesses, joining the DTC provides opportunities to both convey how immersive 3D visualization solutions can help companies extract maximum value from Digital Twins, but it also brings us closer to the best minds in the Digital Twin space to help guide our future work.


“Our membership in the Digital Twin Consortium will allow interested users to learn about the latest advancements in Digital Twin technologies including integration of AI, Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies to reduce downtimes and optimize inspection and maintenance activities” said Vikas Agrawal, CEO at Visionaize.


He added, “By joining the DTC, Visionaize confirms its goal to provide more value to customers by offering a true operational Digital Twin that helps both experts and non-experts be safe and more efficient in their daily jobs by giving context and delivering timely insights to the point of action. This is done by visualizing relevant real-time and historical plant/asset data from enterprise systems in the 3D model from anywhere at any time.”


“We are proud to welcome Visionaize as a member of Digital Twin Consortium,” said Dan Isaacs, CTO, Digital Twin Consortium. “Their deep  experience in combining immersive 3D visualization capabilities and contextual actionable insight will enable collaborative opportunities across our membership community as we enter an exciting new phase of digital twin adoption.”


“Digital twin partners and customers are among the most ardent users benefiting from the Visionaize solution. Working in concert with DTC members will provide tremendous benefit to these users and further digital twin innovation”, said David Reinhart, EVP of Visionaize and a pioneer in the the Digital Twin space.


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About Visionaize:
Visionaize transforms how our customers leverage and engage with data to drive operational efficiencies in complex industrial environments. Our mission is to improve safety, save time, and reduce downtime by delivering valuable insights at the point of action in a way that is quickly accessed and easily understood by operational workers. For more information, visit