Digital Twins lose their luster if they can’t stay in sync

Digital TwinsShiny models featured in Digital Twins lose their luster quickly, if they can’t stay in sync with their counterparts in the field.

Visionaize 3D Digital Twin technology features easy connectivity into systems of record and comprehensive Model Management of Change (MMoC) capabilities that keep Digital Twins in sync.

Having a regularly accurate representation of what is in the field is critical for so many reasons. Worse than just being ineffective, having twins be out of sync misleads workers and this, in turn, wastes time, money and energy and can put workers at increased risk of injury. Perhaps above all, workers will no longer trust the data. At that point adoption wanes and investments are wasted.

When choosing a Digital Twin solution, keep in mind that the ability to be – and stay – operational, for the long haul, is a critical component to success.

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